Do you have plans to visit Japan in the future?

One thing we worry about when we travel is internet access. Our smartphones and tablets keep us connected, but some countries do not offer the same free Wi-Fi access we can find at home.

Pocket Wi-Fi rental is the new standard.

Simple to use:

This small wireless router will keep you connected to the internet, sending a Wi-Fi signal that allows you to connect with multiple smartphones, tablets, or laptops at the same time. As long as your device has Wi-Fi capabilities, there is no need to worry! There are no complicated initial settings. It’s simple to set up and start using immediately.

Just put it in your pocket for the day:

Just as with your other devices, you need to remember to bring the wireless router with you, but most routers are now smaller than a smartphone for easy portability. Moreover, with a battery life of over 10 hours, you can use it throughout your entire day.

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Wireless router: KDDI au HWD11

Japan WiFi Hotspot HWD11

*limit per day: 1G
Available area: Japan