A safe and user-friendly service from Japan’s top carrier, “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor”.


Easy to log in wherever you are, with approximately 150 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots, the most of any carrier, covering all Japan.


Whether it’s taking a day-trip to the hot springs in Hakone or trying a gourmet dish in Kansai, every visitor has a different purpose and traveling style when they visit Japan. The new Wi-Fi service “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor”, launched by NTT DOCOMO in August 2014, can fully support the most demanding travel plans. Its secret to success lies in the number of Wi-Fi hotspots it can access.

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” covers all of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. The service uses approximately 150 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots across Japan, the most among any public Wi-Fi service in the country. An additional convenience is that users can log in with the same ID/password anywhere and there’s no need to go through the trouble of changing ID/password for each area.

Furthermore, unlike prepaid SIM cards or mobile Wi-Fi routers, “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” has unlimited access. Users have unlimited use of the service during the activation period of the selected plan, free from worries about uploading large files such as photos or videos. Uploading is smooth and easy.


“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” covers all Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

A reliable service from Japan’s flagship mobile carrier, with more mobile users than any other carrier in the country.

Another appeal of “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is the stable communication quality. NTT DOCOMO is a mobile carrier with approximately 65 million customers, the largest number of users in Japan. It is a flagship mobile carrier and has always played a pioneering role in Japan’s mobile communication industry. In addition, as a board member of the WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance), an organization of Wi-Fi carrier for the international standardization, it also plays an active role in providing a global communication environment including international roaming services.

The Wi-Fi service NTT DOCOMO provides for domestic use in Japan is currently used by most docomo smartphone users. This service paved the way for “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” for those travelling in Japan. It is a highly reliable service with a proven track record and therefore can be used comfortably by anyone. There is no need to worry about security issues. Data protection using a WPA2 system has been implemented between users’ terminals, including smartphones and tablets, and the public wireless LAN of NTT DOCOMO, providing a safe and reliable internet environment.

During tea time at a café, or while shopping at a convenience store, the service is available when you need it.

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While relaxing at a café or shopping at a convenience store, people want to surf the web whenever they have free minute. “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is perfect for this.

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is available at many facilities including airports and major JR stations, as well as local cafes, major convenience stores and shopping centers in Japan, providing an easy-to-use Internet service which is ready when you need it.

The sign indicating the availability of “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is a sticker of “docomodake”, the mascot of NTT DOCOMO. Try logging in wherever you see it in town.


Application available from home up to 150 days before the expected starting date.


“I just arrived!” “My first photo in Japan!” You want to share your excitement with your family, friends and SNS on the spot as soon as you arrive in Japan. Many visitors want Wi-Fi service available to use right when they arrive. “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is also perfect for this.

One of the benefits of “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is that you can apply online at home before coming to Japan, or during your stay in Japan. If you choose to apply before your trip, your ID and password are issued in advance, so there is no need to go through an application procedure in Japan. You can use the service as soon as you arrive in Japan. In addition, you can apply up to 150 days before the expected usage starting date. You can apply before you start getting busy with preparations for your trip and the service adapts to schedule changes, allowing you to start using the service whenever you want after the application has been accepted.

Another great feature is the price. “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is affordable with two types of plans: 900 yen for 1 week, or 1300 yen for 3 weeks. You can choose a plan that fits your length of stay and the price is very reasonable compared to other data services available from prepaid SIM cards or mobile Wi-Fi routers. Also, there is no need to go through the trouble of receiving and returning a prepaid SIM card or mobile Wi-Fi router. You pay in advance and once you log in to start using the service, you have unlimited access to it, without any stress.

Wi-Fi in Japan is said to be confusing and difficult to use for visitors, and “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” hopes to solve this problem. Those who seek a safe, convenient and comfortable Wi-Fi service, let in addition to the choice by all means.


Article by Japan Monthly Web Magazine

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