Comcast to partner with Japan’s KDDI, Taiwan Mobile for stateside wifi hotspots


Comcast, one of the United States’ top internet providers, has recently signed off on a trial partnership with KDDI – one of Japan’s “big three” in mobile telecommunications – that will allow the Japanese network’s users to use Comcast’s WiFi hot spots when in the United States. This partnership, which Comcast also offered to Taiwan Mobile, was done in efforts of the U.S.-based internet company to compete with other U.S. wireless internet carriers.

When KDDI users are in the U.S., they would usually be thinking about international data roaming charges that have been the bane of travelers worldwide. With this deal, KDDI and Taiwan Mobile users will be able to use Comcast’s WiFi hot spots, reducing the international roaming charges that they would otherwise have to pay, this according to a Comcast spokesman. Comcast has recently been building up its WiFi network, and according to a company statement last week, the internet company aims to have 8 million hot spots by the end of the year, covering 19 of the 30 largest U.S. cities.

None of the three companies involved in the experimental partnership has revealed how much Comcast would charging KDDI and Taiwan Mobile. These deal was signed earlier this year, and according to industry experts, the amount will be small since WiFi data fees are typically much lower than wireless data charges. Taiwan mobile has already started marketing this deal, but KDDI has yet to comment on the partnership.

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