Free Wi-Fi now available in Shibuya – but only for foreigners



The lack of Wi-Fi availability in Tokyo is a recurring complaint among travellers and residents alike, so we were delighted to hear that Tokyu Group has decided to provide free wireless internet in the area around Shibuya Station from March 25. This move, intended to further increase the appeal of Shibuya as a tourist destination, comes as Tokyo authorities and corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to provide easy internet access as a precondition for making the city more attractive in the eyes of visitors from abroad.

The ‘Visit Shibuya’ Wi-Fi can be used inside the Tokyu and Tokyo Metro zones of Shibuya Station, as well as in Shibuya Hikarie, both Tokyu department stores (Tokyu Toyoko and Tokyu Honten) and in the 109 building. The only catch is that you have to present a non-Japanese passport at one of the locations listed below in order to get your hands on the login details. The login screen can be viewed in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, while the service also transmits multilingual emergency information in case of a major earthquake.

Where to get your login details:

Shibuya Station Tourist Information Centre (B2F), Shibuya Station Service Counter (B1F)

Shibuya Hikarie information desk (2F or B3F)

Tokyu Department Store Shibuya Honten information desk (1F)

Tokyo Toyoko department store information desk (1F or 5F – note that the Wi-Fi cannot be used on B1F, 3F and 4F)

Shibuya 109 information desk (1F)

Article from TOKYOITE

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