Free WiFi in Japan? Good luck.

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So you want free WiFi in Japan? Good luck sucker.
Yeah, yeah, I use WiFi all the time with my WiFi-only iPad and my netbook. However, free anything is never easy is Japan (just try to find paper towels in a restroom or napkins in a regular restaurant), and finding free WiFi is always iffy in Japan*. Despite the normal uselessness of the Japan Tourism Agency (3Yen / 2011-11-19), they are offering this valuable resource for finding a WiFi connection.

Live Map of WiFi by Japan Tourism Agency
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japan big welcome radioactive
Fair use – Parody

*As explained in the Japan Times’ seminal article, Why good WiFi is so hard to find in Japan (2012-04-18)years before the age of the smartphone, on i-mode and its competitors, over 70 million Japanese users — the same amount as PC Web users–were enjoying Internet access through their phones…flatrate data plans [meant] people began to do everything Net-related from their cellphones. For these users, there was no need for a network of free WiFi at shops and cafesmore…
Whatever the lame rationalization, the lack of free WiFI in Japan still sucks.

Article from: News on Japan