Did you know that Japan is wifi-unfriendly? You would think that Japan would wifi everywhere, but think otherwise.

We’ve been hearing quite a number of questions regarding wifi and internet availabilities in Japan.

“Can I browse the internet on my iPhone and iPad in Japan?”
“Can I get by with free wifi in Japan?”
“I’m going to be in Japan for a little while, and don’t want to get a plan there”

Even if there is WiFi at where you are staying, it’s going to be tough when you go out. You also need to be careful your phone does not accumulate massive roaming charges. So, what should I do?

That’s when Pocket WiFi rental comes in handy. As the name suggests, it’s a pocket size router that you can carry around in your pocket.

Starting from 750 Yen per day, or 5,180 Yen per month, you can get WiFi connection on your smartphone and tablet, anywhere you go in Japan.


A: emobile, FOMA

Coverage area number 1. Your pocket WiFi will have internet connection in most areas with a phone signal.

B. WiMAX(ワイマックス)

Battery Durability number 1. It’s faster than others, and has a max battery life of 10 hours. It’s small and compact, but signal might get a bit weaker when you’re inside buildings and underground.

C. emobile Pocket WiFi LTE

High speed number 1. This devices takes the best of devices A & B.

Besides the above devices, there are USB and card types that can connect directly into computers. The devices will usually last a day, when fully charged.

Besides emails, youtube browsing, Facebook and twitter, you can use google maps and search train schedules to plan your day.


Rental application can be done fully online, and there are no paper works involved. You can even pre order your device and get it delivered to you. There is a branch office in Shinjuku where you can pick up your ordered device as well.

Shipping is free, and will arrive as early as the next day. You can also specify where you want it delivered, such as your hotel or work. Returning the device is easy, with the “return kit” that comes with the device. All you have to do is put the device in the kit and get it shipped from your nearest convenience store.


Daily Plan

This is a plan best suited for people who want to use it for a short period (5 ~ 8 days). Prices are 970 Yen per day, or 750 Yen per day. The 970 Yen plan uses the LTE, so you can get lightning fast internet in Japan.

Monthly Plan

From about 5,000 Yen per month, it’s almost like you got an unlimited plan. The only thing to be careful is that if your rental starts on the 15th of March, your monthly plan covers 15th to 31st of March, not 15th of March to 14th of April. In this case, if you use your device on the 1st of April, you get charged for 2 months.

Flexible Plan

This plan lets you use select anywhere from 5 days to 45 days of usage. You also get billed on a per day basis, so if you’re unsure of the exact duration of your visit, this is perfect for you.

There are more options available, and the plans listed above are only the ones that have been personally tried. For more details and questions, please visit their website. This offer is not only limited to travellers from Vancouver, but to anyone who’s going to be visiting Japan.