How To Have Mobile Wifi In Japan

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The first time I heard about mobile wifi abroad was when Grace brought this Virgin device to Shake Shack, New York.

Virgin's Mobile wifi

Of course we have gadgets like these in Manila. But I never know where to get it when traveling.
Whenever I travel, I usually check if there’s Globe BDU or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited so I can surf, tweet, whatsapp, BBM, email, or Instagram whenever I want, without worrying about the charges.
The day before I left for Tokyo I found out there is no Globe BDU in Japan, so I did what smart people do: I googled.
I found out you can rent a Japanese SIM card, mobile phone, or mobile wifi at Narita airport.
After clearing immigration and customs, I looked around for such service and found this stall near the exit.

Renting a mobile wifi

I decided to rent a mobile wifi so I could use my BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy Note anytime.
After filling out a form and presenting my credit card, I got this packet:

Mobile wifi rental in Tokyo

The unit was already charged so we got to use the wifi during the one-hour car ride to Ginza.
The password is located on the unit

Mobile wifi rental in Tokyo

What a great device. I can no longer live with text alone. I need data all the time.

Mobile wifi rental in Tokyo

At the end of the trip I looked for the Telecom Square stall at Narita (very near the JAL check in counters) and surrendered the unit. My bill for five days came to about 7,800 yen or almost Php 4,000. I don’t mind paying this versus the Php 130,000 Globe bill I once got on a five-day trip to Singapore.

Article from: Chuvaness