Did you know that Japan is wifi-unfriendly? You would think that Japan would wifi everywhere, but think otherwise.

We’ve been hearing quite a number of questions regarding wifi and internet availabilities in Japan.

“Can I browse the internet on my iPhone and iPad in Japan?”
“Can I get by with free wifi in Japan?”
“I’m going to be in Japan for a little while, and don’t want to get a plan there”

Even if there is WiFi at where you are staying, it’s going to be tough when you go out. You also need to be careful your phone does not accumulate massive roaming charges. So, what should I do?

That’s when Pocket WiFi rental comes in handy. As the name suggests, it’s a pocket size router that you can carry around in your pocket.

Starting from 750 Yen per day, or 5,180 Yen per month, you can get WiFi connection on your smartphone and tablet, anywhere you go in Japan.