Japan/Tokyo & WiFi/3g?

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Any Japanese folks or anyone here who could give me few answers. :)1.Is 3g coverage larger than wifi?
2.Is Japan/Tokyo fully in 3g signal/wifi signal?
3.What are prices of 3g and what about wifi?
4.Is there free wifi signal in whole Tokyo?
5.Who is the leading carrier in 3g service and WiFi?

Arigato 🙂

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1.Yes, of course.
2.Japan/Tokyo is fully in 3g signal. In fact, all Japanese carriers are in process of eliminating 2G signals comletely at the end of March, 2010.
But, no governmental effort for spreading WiFi.
3.Depends. But 1000-6000 Yen monthly for 3G. About 1700 Yen monthly for WiFi, 500 Yen for a WiFi day pass.
4.Sure, but not as many as you think.
5.3G: NTT Docomo, Willcom, E-mobile.
WiFi – NTT Communications (HOTSPOT 0033) and about a dozen others.Ok, you want to connect your laptop or smartphone wirelessly in Japan to access internet/email, right?

Here’s the thing. WiFi is not as widely available in Japan as you may be thinking.
Yeah, some coffee shops, humberger shops, hotels or airports offer free WiFi. There’re also Fee-based WiFi services provided by such companies as NTT Comm (NTT Hotspot – 0033) available at many train stations and coffee shops/humberger shops. 0033 also offers a day pass. 0033 offers the srvice even in the bullet train while you’re in it travelling from Tokyo to Osaka.
But, the problem is Tokyo IS a BIG CITY.
You can’t expect to have WiFi available everywhere you go in Japan. And, what about other country-side cities? The service is scarce.
And, you can’t sign up to open a new WiFi account on the spot in Japan, like you can do it in USA. To access 0033 or any other fee-based WiFi in Japan, you need a WiFi WEP key (password) because most fee-based WiFi services use the secured access method in Japan. Yo can’t get the WEP key if you don’t sign up, and you can’t sign up on the spot becuase you don’t have the WEP key and you can’t access their home page through WiFi. Got it?

But, if you still want to try to find the WiFi hotspots in Japan, try NTT Comm’s 0033 service

Another choice is to open an account with iPass
They have a roaming agreement with many WiFi service providers in the world, and they are expanding.
If you have an iPhone, you can download iPass application on your iPhone and open an account. Please note that you need a minimum of 1 year contract.

As far as 3G data access, yes it is available. I use Willcom Core 3G data service for my laptop when I travel to Japan.
(The Willcom 3G data service is relatively new, and the company does not have english home page for it yet.)
E-mobile and NTT Docomo offers similar service.
Because Japan uses different frequencies for 3G service, your non-Japanese 3G data card may not work there, especially if it is a USA card. (Japan uses 2100MHz, most USA carriers use 850/1900MHz.) But, the Willcom and NTT Docomo services are available for most part (more than 95% of the populated area) of the country, unless you’re deep in the woods or mountains. E-mobile service is not as widely available as others.

Unless you go to Japan often, renting 3G data card at an airport will be the best solution for you.
at Narita airport.

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