NTT Docomo introduces premium Wi-Fi service for travellers to Japan



NTT Docomo has introduced premium Wi-Fi service for visitors or travellers to Japan. It promises download speed of up to 72 Mbps, and lets users access Wi-Fi in hotspots in over 150,000 locations such as train stations, airports, cafes and other sightseeing spots, including the iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan.

You can sign up on official Docomo WiFi website with your credit card. It costs 900 yen (Rs. 530 approx.) plus taxes for one week and 1,300 yen (Rs. 760 approx.) plus taxes for three weeks. After the registration is complete, you will get an email with your login details such as ID, password and SSID/security key. When you are in the range of docomo Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect to it and just enter the ID and password you were issued into the login screen via browser.
Additionally, mobile Wi-Fi router rental services require complicated registration and return processes, are relatively expensive, and come with data usage limits, although the coverage area is wide as they use the mobile phone network.
In comparison to those, “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor“is specifically designed to be easy for foreign visitors to Japan to use by providing a large number of hotspots at a relatively low price, and the ability to obtain a user ID and password online.
docomo Wi-Fi is a high speed public Wi-Fi service that achieves a maximum data rate of 72.2 Mbps.
This allows the smooth transfer of large files such as uploading photos to social networks or downloading apps.
Applications for will be accepted from August 20 to March 31, 2015 and will remain valid for 150 days. This is definitely a great advantage for users visiting Japan. The company has not mentioned if there is any limit on the usage.

Article by by Parneet Batra

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