Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?

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Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?

01 February 2011, 18:44

Anyone have any experiences with pocket wifi rentals? Global, Pupuru and Rentafone are offering them at reasonable prices now. Softbank is also offering one but it is 2x-3x more expensive for the same thing. I think I am going to try one and not rent a keitai this time and just use Skype from iPhone via a pocket wifi device instead

1. Re: Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?
01 February 2011, 20:50
I have not, but from the reports I read on other sites, they are useful, just expensive.

I think you might be better off renting a phone to talk and using a second phone for data only (eg using one of the b-mobile prepaid data plans). I think this would come out cheaper in the long run.

Though I have not checked the prices from the other companies mentioned yet.

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02 February 2011, 10:13

Pricing is less than Y10000 for two weeks. A phone costs Y250/day or about Y3500 plus air time. I have a corporate Goodlink connection from my iPhone so that would route through the pocket wifi device. Renting a sim or second phone is not practical for me, although for someone without the corporate connection might be able to optimize that way. The principal advantage is that I could also tether my netbook to the device at the same time my iPhone is tethered so I could be using Skype and my netbook at the same time from anywhere the 3g connection is available.

02 February 2011, 12:44

Route, I bought the B-Mobile SIM card. I had the low speed version with my 3GS and it was quite good, even for tethering. To use Skype, you’ll need the high speed version.


I activated the service using PC+skype from the hotel. It requires a 15-30 minute toll call if you don’t have a local mobile phone to do the activation. They also send you a code by regular post which is required for full activation beyond the first 10 days.

4. Re: Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?
15 February 2011, 0:09

I just signed up with Global. Rentafone caps their pocket wifi at 300K. Global gives the whole 7M if it is available and doesn’t cap. Pupuru has some extra charges which are annoying. 2 weeks, Y9350, up to 5 wireless devices. I plan to use Skype on iPhone as my primary communications device. No keitai rental this trip. I also bought a 5800MAhr external battery pack (smaller than an iPhone) to keep all of the devices charged up when I’m away from power.

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15 February 2011, 6:07

I don’t know if this is of any use or not, but I saw it the other day when looking around the ANA website:

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15 February 2011, 16:32

Telecom Square is very expensive, something like Y1500/day.

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29 July 2011, 16:13

We rented the BIC Wimax pocket WiFi from Rentafone for 2 weeks while in Japan. We used it to connect a laptop and 2 iPhone 4s.

Performance speed was reliable and fast. We saved a lot of money as roaming (voice and data) charges through our US carriers would have been astronomical. We were able to use Skype on our iPhone with the device. Total cost for 2 weeks was about $100.

The device worked well in Tokyo, Kyoto, downtown Kanazawa. The signal strength was weak in Matsumoto.

Rentafone does state that coverage may be hard to find in rural areas. We found this to be true while hiking across the Japan Alps and during a stay in the Kurobe Gorge area. The device will not work well on the bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto as it will not function while traveling through tunnels.

The WiMax unit was extremely useful as we found there were few free WiFi hotspots in Japan.

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08 August 2011, 10:41

For anyone still interested, the Pocket WiFi from Global Communications worked like a dream. Picked up and returned at Narita post office (though they provided a courier envelope), connected 4 devices (will handle 5), and was often faster than the WiFi provided in our accommodations. Uses eMobile. Worked everywhere except in the mountains in Unzen outside Nagasaki (and in train tunnels!). Strongly recommend.

9. Re: Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?
08 August 2011, 14:52
You can buy external power battery devices at Yodobashi, BIC or anywhere else like Amazon. They have tons of options, capacities and form factors. I use the 4xAA with Eneloop rechargeable NiMH.
10. Re: Pocket WiFi Rental Experience?
08 February 2012, 4:46

Global Advanced Communications http://http://www.globaladvancedcomm.com/pocketwifi.html

start renting a Extra Battery. I just rent it, it is very good , I can use 12H.

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