Stay connected in Japan


For those determined to stay connected while travelling in Japan

The information here was mostly gleaned from a discussion forum. Information like this can become outdated fairly quickly. Do verify it beforehand, if it really matters to you.

Check your mobile: W-CDMA/UMTS vs GSM

Japan’s mobile networks runs on W-CDMA / UMTS, and not GSM typically found in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

If you plan to use Japan’s mobile network, check your mobile’s specifications beforehand.

Free WiFi

  • 7-Eleven stores
  • JR railway stations
  • Starbucks Coffee (Register BEFOREHAND at Cannot sign up for free in-store)
  • Takashimaya retailer (Email code required)
  • ‘Toei’ Bus stops
  • Tourist information centres

App: NAVITIME for Japan Travel

This is an app for Japan travellers. Available for iOS and Android / Samsung devices.

Apparently, you can register with the app while OUTSIDE of Japan to get 2 weeks of free wifi while you are there. I do not have details about how it works. You can of course install the app to find out.

SIM cards

e.g. Prepaid data SIM card 4,100 Yen + Delivery 790 Yen to anywhere in Japan
Unlimited data at 300kbps download speed for 30 days

b-mobile Visitor SIM

Portable WiFi modems

e.g. 1,260 Yen for 3-day rental – Unlimited data at 300kbps download speed

Global Advanced Communications


Article from Young Blogger

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